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Peer Reviewed Online International Journal of Applied Biology and Pharmaceutical Technology

International Journal of Applied Biology and Pharmaceutical technology (IJABPT) cordially invites you to join its Advisory Board. IJABPT has assembled a prestigious Editorial and and Advisory Board representing research scholars from Universities, Research institutes and Industries.
IJABPT maintains a rapid turnaround from submission to publication. We employ an innovative review system, where the referees, authors and editors remain anonymous throughout the peer-review process.

The editors are appointed by the IJABPT board. The peer-review decision is reported to editor-in-chief with in five weeks.The volunteer Advisory Board provides advice and guidance for the ongoing development of IJABPT.

There are no regular responsibilities for the Advisory Board Members. Occasionally, you will receive an email that requests your input on new ideas, decisions or changes in the policies, procedures and guidelines of IJABPT. We are always open to new ideas and suggestions for enhancing the quality and stature of our journal.

If you are interested in joining our volunteer Advisory Board, please submit the brief form Editorial/Advisory Board Form. We would also appreciate it, if you kindly forward to all your Research staff and scholars within your Institute/University/industry. Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Reviewers are expected to write reviews in a timely, collegial, and constructive manner. Maintaining IJABPT as a scientific journal of the highest quality depends on reviewers with a high level of expertise and an ability to be objective, fair and insightful in their evaluation of manuscripts.
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