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Peer Reviewed Online International Journal of Applied Biology and Pharmaceutical Technology

EVALUATION OF WHEY WATER AS GROWTH MEDIUM FOR LACTOBACILLUS SPECIES  Page No 38 to 42, Volume-8, Issue-1, Jan-Mar-2017   DOI: 10.21276/ijabpt.2017.8.1.5

Nadeem Fatima Ansari, Adoni Chetana, E.Maruthi Prasad, Rupali Birajdar, N.V.Naidu

ABSTRACT: An attemptis made in this study to use Whey water as a cheap and economical source of carbon for the growth and production of Probiotics Lactobacillus sp. Two strains of lactobacilli sp. Namely Lactobacillus sporogenes and Lactobacillus acodophillus was propagated in de-Man Rogosa and Sharpe medium (MRS) for three successive times prior to carrying out the fermentation in Whey water substrate using flask fermentation technique with incubation at 370C for 24 h. Further the effects of initial pH and different temperatures on viability and growth of lactobacilli were determined colorimetrically at 600 nm wavelength. The results showed the best growth in Whey water culture medium was obtained at pH 6.0 at optimum temperature of 370C. The growth of lactobacilli sp. in Whey water medium was comparable to that of MRS medium. It can therefore we concluded that Whey water from cheese production industries can be used as a cost effective and cheap substitute for the growth of Probiotic lactobacilli in the place of MRS medium which is expensive .At the same time the present study also helps in providing a solution to the disposal of huge quantities of whey as a byproduct of dairy industry contributing to environmental pollution.

Key words: Dairy and Agroindustrial waste, Lactobacilli, Whey water, Probiotics. 

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